PFC Components

LT Heavy Duty Capacitors

MKP-/MKPg-type capacitors are based on a low-loss dielectric formed by pure polypropylene film. A thin self-healing mixture of zinc and aluminium is metallized directly on one side of the PP-film Vacuum. Our long-term experience as well as on going research and improvements in this technology ensure the excellent self-healing characteristics of the dielectric and a long operating life of our capacitors.

Specifications: 50/60Hz

Rating: 5/7.5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/Kvar

Voltage: 230/400/415/440/480/515/690/800/1200

Application: PF improvement/Detuned tuned harmonic filter

MV Heavy Duty Capacitors

The MSD technology is based on the logical development of proven self healing for low-voltage power capacitors. It also permits the economic manufacture of medium voltage capacitors without employing inflammable and environmentally critical fluid oil filling. The actual active capacitor element consists of a large number of high-quality, self-healing round MKP elements which are wired to each other and installed in a stainless steel enclosure.


Rating:50/100/150/200/250/300 Kvar

Voltage:3.3/3.6/6.6/7.2/11/12 KV

Application: PF improvement/Detuned/ Tuned harmonic filter

HT Heavy Duty Special Capacitors

Keeping with its tradition of completely dry products. ELECTRONICON has launched the first MV Surge Capacitor in self-healing technology. The DSC surge voltage protection capacitor (”surge capacitor”) is the ideal solution for limiting transient overvoltages.Incombinati-on with the PD-free layout.The self-healing dielectric provides for extremely long operating life and highest operational safety.Thanks to the solid polyurethane filling. The DSC can be installed in any mounting position. Moreover, there are no liquids to threaten the enviroment or to be considered during disposal at the end of operational life.


Rating: 0.1/0.125/0.25 uF

Voltage: 3.3/3.6/6.6/7.2/11/12/17.5 KV

Application: Surge suppression/limiting transient voltage

HT Capacitors

HT capacitor consists of following major raw materials Impregnated using Environment friendly, N on Toxic, Non- Hazardous, Non PCB Dielectric.ALL POLYPROPYLENE. (Film +Foil). Watt Loss 0.0010 Watts/Kvar (Max.) Filled with biodegradable dielectric fluid, Foil material used ALUMINIUM FOIL. Discharge device Internally fitted resistors.


IS: 13985 Part-I/1998

Rating: 50/100/150/200/250/300 Kvar

Voltage: 3.3/3.6/6.6/7.2/11/12 KV

Application: PF improvement/Detuned/ Tuned harmonic filter