Global sourcing is a procurement strategy in which a business buys goods and services from international markets across geopolitical boundaries to save money by using cheap raw materials or skilled labor from low-cost countries. Global sourcing can help businesses tap into advanced skills, resources and technology not available in their home country.

Trenex Power provide Global Procurement or Sourcing service to our customers world wide. This enables our valued customers to get the following advantages.

Better Value For Money. As long as a company works in conjunction with a reliable and experienced global sourcing partner, it's possible to get much better value for money.

A Greater Production Capacity

High-Quality Products

New Opportunities

New Resources And Skills

Custom Fabrication

Trenex Power involves in custom fabrication of various products. It involves design, manufacturing, testing & supply of various customized products. We provide customized solutions as per customers requirement keeping the standards in line.

Design & Engineering

Design Engineering supply Installation of power and lighting systems, switchyards, motor control centers, high tension & Low tension cable laying works.

Quality Inspection Services

An inspection measures, examines, and tests one or more of the characteristics of products and compares the results with the specified requirements to establish whether conformity is achieved. Inspection also refers to checking products, whereas an audit applies to analyzing the manufacturing process. A quality inspector usually follows a pre-established checklist, which is based on the specifications of the product. The inspected products are then fit to be used for production, as semi-finished goods as well as finished goods ready for shipments to customers.


An export is the process of transporting locally produced goods from one country to another for future sales. Export is known to be one of the biggest components of international trade and is part of the criteria for measuring the economic value of a country.

International logistics is the process of planning. and managing the flow of goods and products in your. company's supply chain from acquisition to customer purchase, where part of the process involves crossing international border.

We provide international logistic service as per any incoterm requested by customer.